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We’ve been working hard to deliver the best of the sacred music to our audiences. This year there will be not one, but two concerts to allow more people to enjoy the music.  Bring friends, family, and see for yourself what wonderful things our River Region has to offer.

We encourage you to print the poster below and display it at your church, office, community center, or your favorite coffee shop for most people to see.

Sacred Music Festival 2016 Poster



A choir of many voices…



Choir Of Many Voices

A choir is made up of many voices, including yours and mine. If one by one all go silent then all that will be left are the soloists.
Don’t let a loud few determine the nature of the sound. It makes for poor harmony and diminishes the song.

— Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration


Sing, indeed…



“Sing, then. Sing, indeed, with shoulders back, and head up so that song might go to the roof and beyond to the sky. Mass on mass of tone, with a hard edge, and rich with quality, every single note a carpet of colour woven from basso profundo, and basso, and baritone, and alto, and tenor, and soprano, and also mezzo, and contralto, singing and singing, until life and all things living are become a song.”
– Richard Llewellyn

This is a series of sculptures “Chorister Girls” by Vadim Sidur, 1981