About Us

River Region Sacred Music Festival

Our History

The River Region Sacred Music Festival is modeled after the long running “Over the Mountain Festivals” held each year in the Birmingham area.  Now in its fifth season, it is an effort to bring choristers of many backgrounds and abilities together to celebrate and enjoy great sacred choral music.

Prattville’s First Presbyterian Church is currently the sponsor and host of the event.  The future of the Festival may include forming a community Board of Directors that could expand the Festival to include other age groups, various venues, and increased volunteer involvement.

Our Mission

The purpose for the River Region Sacred Music Festival is four-fold:

  1. To foster and perpetuate the singing of quality sacred choral music
  2. To provide opportunities for singers from area church choirs of all sizes to learn excellent music and to sing such music with a larger group of voices than might be available in their own church
  3. To provide training and encouragement for directors of churches in the River Region as well as giving them the opportunity to sing rather than lead for a change
  4. To combine the talents of singers in the region to present a sacred music concert to the glory of God, the edification of the participants and the enjoyment of people throughout the River Region and beyond

River Region Sacred Music Festival



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